Singapore University of Social Sciences

Wired-Up (SCO153)


How wired-up are you, and how much information have you given today? We leave digital footprints knowingly and unknowingly, and exchange information through the gadgets we use each time. In this course, we will think about data and their applications (e.g., targeted marketing, healthcare monitoring, crime prevention), along with the ways these technologies perpetuate social and economic inequities. The course will place an emphasis on key social concerns, and give students the opportunity to evaluate data-driven sources and contexts. For example, students will learn how digital profiling discriminates against certain groups with respect to job prospects and loan applications.

Level: 1
Credit Units: 2.5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Data Structures
  • Information Systems
  • Search Engines & Social Networks
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Big Data & Smart Cities

Learning Outcome

  • Describe the conceptual development of data and information
  • Examine the possibilities and problems of electronic communication
  • Identify examples of data creation and manipulation
  • Interpret social and economic implications of data-driven technologies
  • Develop arguments from ideas and examples in case studies
  • Relate theoretical concepts to contemporary issues and trends
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