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Malay Phonetics and Phonology

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Language: Malay

Duration: 6 months

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This course discusses the sound of a language based on the international phonetic symbols; branches of phonetics; segmental sound units, phonemes and distinctive features. Students will be introduced to generative phonology, segmental phonology and dynamic phonology. Finally students will be introduced to the link between phonology ,the writing system and Bahasa Baku.

Level: 3
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every January


  • Introduction
  • Generative phonology
  • Segmental Phonology
  • Dynamic Phonology
  • Phonology and the writing system
  • Bahasa Baku and the classroom

Learning Outcome

  • Illustrate production of Malay sounds. (B3)
  • Distinguish between voiced and voiceless sounds. (B4)
  • Draw the vocal organs. (B5)
  • Illustrate the autosegmental/phonological theory. (B3)
  • Distinguish Phonotactic Rules in Malay. (B4)
  • Illustrate place of articulation of vowels and consonants of Malay. (B5)
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