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Digital Electronics Design (ENG103)

Applications Open: 01 April 2019

Applications Close: 31 May 2019

Next Available Intake: July 2019

Course Types: Modular Undergraduate Course

Language: English

Duration: 6 months

Fees: $1739 View More Details on Fees

Area of Interest: Science & Technology

Schemes: Alumni Continuing Education + (ACE+), Lifelong Learning Credit (L2C)

Funding: SkillsFuture


Upon the completion of the Digital Electronics Design course, students will be able to perform analysis and design of digital circuits. The course teaches the principles of digital circuit components that are the basic building blocks, and also the application of appropriate mathematical methods for modeling components and circuits.

Level: 1
Credit Units: 5
Presentation Pattern: Every semester


  • Introductory concepts, number systems and codes
  • Describing logic circuits, combinational logic circuits
  • Flip-flops and relative devices
  • Digital arithmetic: Operations and circuits
  • Counters and registers
  • MSI logic circuits
  • Memory Devices
  • Programmable logic device architectures

Learning Outcome

  • Give the conversion from one number system to another.
  • Execute arithmetic operation on binary numbers.
  • Use Boolean algebra theorems and Karnaugh maps to simplify logic circuits.
  • Recall the operation of flip-flops and basic logic circuits.
  • Sketch the timing diagram.
  • List the truth table for logic circuits.
  • Design synchronous / asynchronous digital circuits.
  • Implement logic expressions using logic gates/ multiplexer/ encoder/ decoder.
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